Hurricane #IRMA Florida Keys Hope Relief

We are located in Islamorada, FL. We decided not to bug out.

While making our plan to prepare for Hurricane Irma, we originally thought about which direction to go and where we would end up. But then a tough decision had to be made.

If you have ever visited or lived in the Keys, you know how tight our community is. That means all of us.

The last week was spent stock-piling food, some gas and water. After talking with our church next door though, we decided that we couldn't leave those in our community behind. There is a population of homeless here who have no place to go. They hide from authorities and absolutely refuse to leave what they do own behind.

So while some of my friends and neighbors are already on the road, heading north on whichever side of the state they can, I and a few of my friends are staying behind to gather as many of the people we interact with and deeply care about to give them shelter and hopefully some peace of mind.

We gave some food and clothing the church next door and are now in the process of trying to track down our friends. All we want is to find them safely and help get them here to our apartment. This structure was built less than four years ago and should be up to all hurricane standards.

After the storm passes we are going to have to pull together even more and not only take care of our human friends, but our animal friends as well. We have a huge shopping list to make this all happen.

I have spoken with Craig Sawyer, whom many of you will know is the reason this site was built and he is going to help us spread the word. We are all in this together, each and every one of us is part of God's family and at this time I ask you to lend us your thoughts and prayers. 

AmericasFund comes through. Please watch what Mr. Sawyer has to say about our operation: Click here to watch.


We at ReloadOne and AmericasFund will do our very best to provide assistance to everyone in need for the foreseeable future. Please consider donating to our Keys Hope fund and we will handle getting the resources to as many people as we can. 

We are all one family and we are our own brother's keeper.

God Bless.

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